Friday 25 May 2012

B2B Marketing Insights is out!

Friday, 25th of May, my new blog B2B Marketing Insights is unleashed on the web!

Its main objectives of is to provide the most useful information, tips and news about B2B marketing.

My name is Guillaume Boudet and I am a young and enthusiastic marketing professional. My main interests are of course B2B marketing, but also product management, digital marketing and innovation.

My personal objective is, through this blog, to develop my overall knowledge and expertise on this very vast field that is marketing. This blog is the base of my personal development strategy. I believe that the web is full a persons, articles, videos and other free material that, if researched, understood, and assimilated correctly, are an endless stream of knowledge, and match perfectly my quest for being a successful B2B marketer.
I hope you will get as much as pleasure to read this blog that I have to write it. Enjoy!