Thursday 26 July 2012

Interesting statistics about B2B Social media marketing

Sometimes, the benefits of social media strategies for B2B companies do not seem so obvious. There is a persistent cliché that social media is for B2C companies and not for B2B. Even if in some cases, this statement is true, B2B marketers are far more concerned and involved in social media strategies than B2C marketers.
This video, even if it is a bit dated (2010) demonstrates why B2B companies have an interest to be on social media.

Elements that worth to be reminded:
 - 81% of B2B companies maintain an account on social media websites. 75% participate in microblogging. For B2C companies, those figures fall respectively to 67% and 49%.
 - 93% of B2B buyers think companies should have a social media presence and 85% want this interact directly.
 - 70% of purchases are done with an established vendors or depend to the word of mouth recommendations. B2B professionals are known to talk with their peers. 48% of the buyers participate or follow industry conversations and 59% seek reviews from peers. Finally, 37% of B2B buyers ask questions on social media websites.
 - The B2B buying process is changing: buyers use search to start the process. Therefore, it is critical to be present on social media, even if the ROI is not easily calculable. 

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  1. Any update to these stats? I assume the reliance on peer recommendations has increased.